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Cuba Libre? But When do We Free Arizona?

by Tony Diaz - El Librotraficante on 12/26/14

When do we free Arizona?

Maybe January 12, 2014.

That's the date that high school junior Maya Arace visits the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the law banning Mexican American Studies.

We want to thank all the Librotraficantes from all over the U.S. and the UK who have pitched in to help get Maya to San Francisco.

Together we have raised $2,275.00 to donate to the cause.

We hope to help raise $3,000. We invite members attending the NACCS Tejas Foco to pitch in in particular, so as to show Tejano Love to our familia in Arizona. Of course, everyone can band together to stand up for intellectual freedom. You can visit directly to Maya be clicking here: MAS Trial.

Put Tejas Foco or Librotraficante in the note, just for us to keep track of the pledge goal.

Also, donations that go to our website will be donated to the costs of the court case leading up to the case in San Frarnciso January 12, 2015.

If you are in San Francisco, we ask you to help us swarm the court room.

There is also a Ethnic Studies Solidarity Event: Summit and Teach-In Saturday, January 10, 2015 at Mission High School in San Franciso.


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