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Arizona Banned Our History. It's Time to Make More.
HOUSTON, TX - May 30, 2017 - Arizona's ban of Mexican American Studies is heading back to the Arizona Supreme Court Monday, June 26 - June 30, 2017.  That means the Librotraficante caravan is heading back to Arizona with a new shipment of banned books. Houston activists will make the 1,000+ mile ride once again to draw attention to Arizona's prohibition, to restock the underground libraries they formed during their 2012 Caravan, and to share updates on the advancement of Ethnic Studies in each state they pass through. 

Activists and scholars have responded to Arizona's Suppression of Mexican American Studies (MAS) with MAS Acceleration. Ethnic Studies has spread throughout the nation in response to Arizona's ban.

The court case will be reviewed again with new evidence consisting of studies proving that the outlawed Mexican American Studies courses in Tucson increased student success. The case had been reviewed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco which sent the case back to the AZ Supreme Court to be considered with the additional evidence.

 "We were in the court room when a Federal Judge told America that if you have proof that a course helps a particular group of students succeed, yet you outlaw the course-that looks like discrimination," said Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante, one of the co-founders of the caravan. "We hope that the upcoming Arizona Supreme Court ruling will drive a stake in the heart of this Un-American law that tramples on Intellectual Freedom. It is if fitting that the same court that put a halt to the Muslim Ban also noted the possible discrimination in Arizona's Ethnic Studies ban."

The 6-city caravan will depart from Houston, Texas 10 am, Wednesday, June 21, Casa Ramirez Folk Art Gallery, 241 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008. Scheduled stops include San Antonio & El Paso, Texas; Mesilla and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tucson, AZ.

Supporters can donate to help defray caravan costs, donate banned books, organize solidarity events, or join the Librotraficantes on the caravan. Details are available at, and, or (713) 867-8943.

Who: The Librotraficantes

What: Launch of the 2017 Librotraficante caravan to smuggle into Tucson the books banned by Arizona's ban of Mexican American Studies.

When: 10 am Wednesday, June 21,2017. 

Where: Casa Ramirez Folk Art Gallery, 241 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

Why: The Arizona Supreme Court must drive a stake through the heart of this un-American law which curtails student achievement, freedom of speech, and intellectual freedom. 

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ORGANIZERS: Tony DiazLiana LopezBryan ParrasLupe Mendez & Laura Acosta

Arizona Ban of Ethnic Studies Goes to 
AZ Supreme Court.

The Librotraficante Caravan is 
going back to Tucson.