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MLA Quiz

by Tony Diaz - El Librotraficante on 11/30/16

Turn in completed worksheets at the front of the class:

Take the MLA Quiz:

On a separate sheet of paper, write the below website into the correct format for a works cited page. Start from scratch. Use the “cheat sheet” located at the LSC NH Library website:

Loner list of resources and MLA Guides:

Here is a link to a research paper with a correctly formatted works cited page to use as a guide:


Here is the quotation:

“A high school ethnic studies course examining the roles of race, nationality and culture on identity and experience boosted attendance and academic performance of students at risk of dropping out, a new study by scholars at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) found.”

Here is the link to the webpage where the quotation above is published.

Read the essay:

Texas GOP platform would discourage multiculturalism

For the Final Exam you will write an analysis of an essay. You will complete this in class.

Here are some links to guides for the Final Exam:

Requirements for an analysis

10 Tips for The Analysis Assignment

An Example of an Analysis

Vocab Terms

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