Donate to Help Pay for our Bus to Austin to Reject The Text. #Bus2ATX to #RejectTheText : Librotraficante Justice
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Donate to Help Pay for our Bus to Austin to Reject The Text. #Bus2ATX to #RejectTheText

by Tony Diaz - El Librotraficante on 11/11/16


ABC 13 Houston Coverage of Our Community Planning Meeting: Controversial 'Mexican-American Heritage' textbook at center of fight

Inside a small room at the TBH, an east end theater, opponents of a textbook on Mexican heritage were mobilizing.  -

Houston, TX November 11, 2016. Carolina, a senior in high school is ready to testify. So is Antonio, a junior in high school.

They are ready to tell the Texas State Board of Education to vote down the deceptively titled textbook "Mexican American Heritage" by Momentum Publishing and to vote to re-open the call for culturally relevant textbooks.

There are also 48 others from Houstno ready to join and support them.

We hope you will too.

We are asking you to donate to pay for the bus.
The TX State Board of Ed. is set to vote to officially reject or accept the racist textbook that you have helped us oppose.
We are renting a bus to take folks to testify back to Austin Tuesday, Nov. 15,  including over a dozen students who will testify.
We need to $2,000 to rent the bus, and we have $885 committed so far.

Can you donate and/or  help us get sponsors?

Sorry for the short notice, but the elections have overshadowed this issue, which makes our work even more important.

Of course, we need full funding by Monday to pay for the bus.

So we would need either a check or cash donation.  Paypal will work, too.

Here is a link:

Thanks for you support in the past. I look forward to uniting to close the deal on this together.


Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante

Thank you so far to
Senator Sylvia Garcia
Jacob Monty

Helena Viramontes 
Hebe Gutierrez
Robert LaRue
Alex Villeda

Geoffrey Anderson
Stephanie Thomas, Martha Lara, Deyadira Trevino, &
Macaria Mendez,
Dagoberto Ramirez, & Lisa Mesa-Rogers, Jaime Mejia, Jimmy Perez, Odile
Legeay, Macario Ramirez, Catalina E. Garcia, Melissa Noriega,
Hazel Ryerson,
Claire Margaret Massey, Brian Young, Virginia V. Vivar, Sarah Becker,
Richard Tapia, Christine Granados, Alma Harden-Cooper,

Robin Dobson,
Diana Faraclas, Aaron Delpozo, Ellen R. Clark,
Alpa Chheda, Pamela Medina, Liza Alonzo, Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, Krista Comer

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