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Register to Testify Against the Racist Texas Textbook

by Tony Diaz - El Librotraficante on 09/09/16

Here is the number to call to register to give your testimony at the Texas State Board of Ed. Tuesday, Sept. 13 to reject the Racist Texas Textbook.


You can call 8 am to 5pm, Friday, September 9, or Monday Sept. 12.

Call today!

You will give your name, address, phone.

They will ask if you want to speak as an individual or an affiliation.
There are only 2 reps per affiliation.

They will ask if you are a registered lobbyist.
You are not.

Tell them you are calling to give public testimony about Proclamation 2017.
They will ask your position. Tell them you want it voted down.

They will email you a confirmation. Get the name of the person you spoke with.

We have 11 more seats on the bus. And we need 2 more sponsors. We have a dozen students from Bay Town coming. Stand up for your rights!

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