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Gus Garcia Day: State-wide Proclamation Saturday July 27, 2013
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Thank you Senator Sylvia R. Garcia and the Librotraficantes for the 
State-wide Proclamation of the 1st Annual Gus Garcia Day.

Tejano Gus Garcia (July 27, 1915 - June 3, 1964) was the first Mexican American 
to win a Supreme Court case. Hernandez vs Texas made 
Mexican Americans a protected class and set a vital precedent for Civil Rights.

Update of all the events to come during Chicano Heritage Month.

 July 27, 2014 4 pm - will be in  . . .Austin. Are you ready?

What do you think of "A Class Apart," the documentary about the "Hernandez vs Texas" Supreme Court Case. 

Book Drive for the Gus Garcia Under Ground Library at Raul Yzaguirre School for Success: donatet over 100  books.

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